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4 Tips to Create a More Personalized Experience

  • The My Condolences platform offers many features that will allow you to honor your loved one and connect with family and friends. However, by adding a few small touches, you can create a more personalized experience that makes you feel like you are there.  


    One…Create an Order of Service for the Livestream Service


    An Order of Service offers comfort, a distraction, and answers some of our most basic questions. Like, who is that speaking? What is next? When will this person be up? Where are they? And how long until the service is over?


    The My Condolences livestream will allow you to see the live funeral service and present the Order of Service at the same time.


    Two…Use a Mobile Phone Stand to Record the Livestream Service


    Holding your phone to record anything for 15 minutes is a challenge. What if you had to hold your phone for an hour so other family members could pay their respects? It would be a true labor of love. 


    A mobile phone stand allows you to strategically position your mobile device in the venue, so that others can see the service in real-time. And, they would not have to watch the service through a jumpy screen because your hand was shaking.


    Want to kick it up a notch? Download an app that will allow you to connect multiple phones to record the service from different vantage points.


    Three…Hire an Event Coordinator


    An event coordinator can do what event coordinators do, work behind the scenes so the service has a cohesive look and feel. Among other things, the event coordinator can ensure all participants – near and far – know when it is their turn to go-live.


    For example, Cousin June lives in California and you really want her to sing after Mr. Johnson, in Florida, recites a favorite poem. Well, the event coordinator can contact Cousin June while Mr. Johnson is delivering the last two lines of his poem, so Cousin June is ready to sing when Mr. Johnson is finished.


    Four…Hire a Videographer

    Most of us have seen virtual funeral services where it was difficult to figure out what was happening or where they were in the service.

    Imagine how a videographer could improve your viewing experience. You could see what the people at the funeral could see – the speaker, the people in the audience, the flowers, etc. It would ALMOST feel like you were in the room!

    Hopefully, these ideas were helpful and create the experience of being there without being there.  You may even have a few additional ideas of your own. If so, please share them with the My Condolences community.